Social-and-cultural program
The Preparatory Faculty cycle includes additionally a social-and-cultural program, aimed onto acknowledging the students with the country and the city, assisting their social, cultural and everyday life adaptation while making closer the distance between the national culture of homeland and the Ukrainian one
Requisites of the Institute

11 october 2017

State Inspectorate of Ukraine: results of monitoring

This autumn, from 26.09.2017 to 04.10.2017, the Odessa National Polytechnic University hosted the monitoring visit of the Ukraine State Supervisory Board of educational establishments which carried out a close study of the 2017 overseas’ nationals entrance campaign and the organization of HEIs’ educational services providing to foreign students.

11 may 2017

Certification exam in Russian for foreign bachelors

At the department of Ukrainian and Russian languages IPIG summarized the results of passing the certification exams in the Russian language among students of the 4th year.

23 april 2017

IX meeting of student of the preparatory faculty with students of BVPU

The traditional IX meeting of the students of the Preparatory Faculty of IPIG with pupils and teachers of the Berezovsky Higher Professional School was held on April 20.

9 april 2017

Annual recitation contest at the preparatory faculty

On April 7 at the Preparatory Faculty there was a contest "We read poetry", which traditionally takes place in April.

31 march 2017

ONPU: to the 61st anniversary of Tunisia"s independence

On March 29, a solemn event dedicated to the 61st anniversary of Tunisia's independence was held in Odessa

24 march 2017

Foreign students of the PF are getting acquainted with Odessa

 On March 24, the second trip of students of the preparatory faculty for a city tour took place within the framework of the social cultural and adaptation program of the preparatory faculty.

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