Social-and-cultural program
The Preparatory Faculty cycle includes additionally a social-and-cultural program, aimed onto acknowledging the students with the country and the city, assisting their social, cultural and everyday life adaptation while making closer the distance between the national culture of homeland and the Ukrainian one
Requisites of the Institute

30 january 2017

ITFN: development of academic mobility program

From 28 January to 6 February 2017 Institute for training foreign nationals in framework of cooperation in academic mobility program accepts students from the Turkish Republic.

27 december 2016

Competition of Christmas newspapers at the Preparatory Faculty

Сompetition for the best Christmas paper greeting took place on December 27 at the preparatory faculty

21 december 2016

Participation in international projects of the Department of the Ukrainian and Russian languages ITFN

December 20, 2016 meeting of the Scientific and Methodological Seminar IPIG held on the topic: Academic mobility and prospects of international cooperation in the teaching of Russian

12 november 2016

Sightseeing tour of Odessa for foreign students PF on 11 November

Foreign students of PF of Institute for training foreign nationals became acquainted with Odessa

9 november 2016

Excursion for international students in the Art Museum of Odessa

Foreign students IPIG within the framework of cultural and educational programs visited art museum

2 november 2016

Erasmus +: Chair of Ukrainian and Russian languages in the Basque country

Cooperation between Odessa National Polytechnic University and the University of the Basque Country continues to develop successfully.

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